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By using different technologies (.NET, WPF, WCF, MFC, BCB, Delphi, Java Applet / JSP / Servlet / Application, etc.) we plan and implement specialized software to solve specific problems. Industry-specific or company-specific solutions in such cases, the appropriate resources to fulfill the customer's requirements.

No matter how complex and challenging the task is: We find the perfect concept and implementing it in a timely manner into your matching software.

We offer services such as:

  • Database design, database applications
  • Web applications
  • Interface development
  • Individual software from the classic up to more-layer-architecture in distributed systems
  • Modern technologies; technologies made by costumers too
  • Professional project management
  • Sustainable costumer care

It is likewise possible to extend existing software or to develop modular Program parts that can be easily integrated using standard interface into the existing system.

In the following fields:

  • Scripting languages: PHP, JavaScript, JSP, JESS,
  • High level languages: C/C++, BCB, VC, C#.NET, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic, VB.NET
  • Database systems: MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, Firebird
  • Microcontroller application, DSP: C/C++, Assembler
  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows, real time operating systems


> Example 1:
ASAP2/SG Parser

A modern engine management consists of thousands of parameters. The resulting data are collected by means of software and managed in the CDM tool AVL CRETA, analyzed and partially changed. For AVL List ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automatisierung, have developed a parser , which is a function library for reading controller description of various automotive standards and for coupling and calibration of ECU data via Memory Dump.



> Example 2
HF-Modul Prüfserver

The HF measurement technology is rightly considered one of the most challenging branches of measurement technology. Correct measurement data can often only be obtained by the use of complex compensation process..



> Example 3
TI Furnace

Continuous recording and interpretation of the actual temperature is indispensable for thermal processes. It serves the supervision of a normal operation. It restricts the appearance of errors through early detection of irregular situations and processes.