ISWAT detect the difference!


The whole project management, conception and dimension of the test process, test of the mechanics, electrics and electronics, implement of the test standards, individual software development, manufacture machines, start of, optimizing and training of the staff… ISWAT GmbH offers all benefits from a single source.

As far as reasonably, we use software, sensor technology, measurement technology and mechanics of standard components. In addition, we develop special electronics and / or micromechanics, based on a variety of already realized functions. The connection to existing quality assurance software, ERP software and production management systems is also possible..

All detected attributes and process parameters will be recorded statistically. Control charts and correlation graphs ensure analysis and adjustment of previous process steps and so they prevent of scrap.

Quality control plan management, lot data management and standardised function tests of the test bench are possible.



> Example 1:
Piezo-final measurement device

Full automatic device for tests on piezo actuators.
Laser- interferometers measure the course of the deviation of the input voltage and the current input with a sampling rate of multiple 100 kHz and a resolution of a few nanometers deviations.



> Example 2:

AOI system for testing the integrity of loaded electronic boards, recognized barcodes on the module, and performs the optical inspection of solder connection through individual components.



> Example 3:

ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automtisierung, has developed a high performance software-complex to test technical ambitious HF-networks with flexible multitor-test-path-configurations through different multitor measurement bridges.