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What are test- and sorting machines?  

We specialize in the production of machines and devices for full examination in industrial production. This allows electrical, optical and mechanical characteristics of a product to be checked.

A full full examination is a test on all produced units, in contrast to a sampling test, where only a few parts get tested. Depending on requirements ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automatisierung, makes test benches to detect electrical, optical and mechanical attributes and to evaluate it.

Often it is necessary, to make specific test-conditions during the tests. For example making a test-force or test-pressure. This all can be made without any problems.

In addition of the main test function of ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automatisierung, test devices are used to do other production processes like assembly, unique labelling of components, automatic calibration and sorting out bad components. Manufacturing whole production lines is possible too.



> Example 1:
Piezo-final measurement device

Full automatic device for tests on piezo actuators.
Laser- interferometers measure the course of the deviation of the input voltage and the current input with a sampling rate of multiple 100 kHz and a resolution of a few nanometers deviations.



> Example 2:

AOI system for testing the integrity of loaded electronic boards, recognized barcodes on the module, and performs the optical inspection of solder connection through individual components.



> Example 3:

ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automtisierung, has developed a high performance software-complex to test technical ambitious HF-networks with flexible multitor-test-path-configurations through different multitor measurement bridges.