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AOI system for testing the completeness of assembled electronic boards, recognized barcodes on the module, and performs the optical inspection of solder connection of individual components through.

The complete solution for optical final inspection of PCBs (printed circuit boards) of small to medium lot sizes, consisting of test chamber, PCB mold cavity, XY table for moving the prints, camera (s), objective (s) and lighting, PC based hardware, AOI PCB software. Mold cavities for different print types can be exchanged.
The AOI PCB software is a specially adapted AOI to the optical examination of assembled prints.

The mounting orientation of electrolytic capacitor, printed barcodes, matrix codes or plaintext as well as the test of completeness of electronic and mechanic components can be configured. An optional number of test scripts can be managed.

Extensions for tests on electrical attributes can be integrated optional.
(Contacting of test adapters, measuring and evaluation of electric dimensions)
The test prints can be inserted manually or full automatic in assembly lines.

All configurable test positions will be reached automatically. The image data of the cameras can be imported and evaluated. Cameras can be on the top side as well as on the bottom side. After finishing the test, all pictures can be displayed on the monitor. There are up to 4 cameras which can be used.
The results of all tests get saved (traceability).
Picture data of “NOK”-prints can be transferred to the neighbours place after they got saved.

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