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ASAP2/SG Parser

ASAP2/SG Parser: A modern engine management consists of thousands of parameters. The resulting data are collected by means of software and managed in the CDM tool AVL CRETA, analyzed and partially changed. For AVL List ISWAT GmbH have developed a parser , which is a function library for reading controller description of various automotive standards and for coupling and calibration of ECU data via Memory Dump.

Beside the thousands of parameters there are hundreds of variants for every engine, dependent on emission standard, power stage, gearing mechanism etc.
These data are used in CDM (Calibration Data Management) tool AVL CRETA and get analysed and partial changed.

Thus AVL CRETA can also analyze the data, consisting of a description file (A2L) and a Memory Dump (HEX / S19), a parser is accordingly the ASAP - developed standards which reads the data and AVL CRETA provides.

The parser developed by ISWAT GmbH is a function library to read in control device descriptions from different vehicle standards (for example ASAM; MCD-2MC; ASAP2 – format) and link up to control device data through memory dumps (for example intel or Motorola SRecord – format). This parser is used for developing control devices for combustion engines, hybrid powertrains, gearbox control, performance control and comfort electronics.

The parser is an essential component for model-based development of embedded automotive software ("Calibration Data Management") and is used in the following products:

The consumer

AVL is the greatest private company in developing powertrain systems worldwide. The company was founded by prof. Hans List and grew up to a multinational high tech concern with 1400 employees in Graz. This position was a result of consequent research and development.

 Costumer requirements:

  • Performance at reading/writing of data and in data exchange with calibration data management system
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Automatic testability
  • Supporting different encryption algorithm
  • Compatibility expansion and transformation costumer specific structure and data formats for international standards through modular build-up

Technical data:

  • C++
  • Access over COM- and native interfaces
    Lexical and syntactic text analysis  (LEXX, FLEX)
  • Formula parser (CAS)
  • Dynamic function transformation (A2L, ASCET, ATI, ...)
  • Controller dependent memory dump (BIN, S-Record wie Intel HEX oder Motorola S19, ...)


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