ISWAT detect the difference!

iswat:AOI is a software framework for industrial image processing. Using iswat:AOI optical test sequences can be configured, tested and implemented. To configure test sequences as flexible as possible, iswat:AOI provides basic image processing (see, for example, edges, binarization, etc.) operations, as well as more complex operations (e.g. writing recognition, detection of geometric shapes, etc.) are available. In addition, it is possible to implement more components such as Cameras, light sources and digitale I/O- Modules.


The necessary commands for the test sequence are generated by user interaction with the graphical user interface. The iswat:AOI generate and added the commands to the script automatically. The desired image processing operations to be easily defined by mouse click.

There are no programming skills required!

Thus, a simple and easy creation or adaptation of test sequences by the customer is assured.

iswat:AOI can be use as a single application or as an integrated component in other software frameworks of the ISWAT GmbH.
This enables an optimal adjustment of the entire system to the customer's specific requirements.


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