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iswat:Industrial EnergyControl

The power of water is a clean, emission-free and a kind of generating electricity. This kind of generating electricity makes it possible to ensure a distributed and effective production of energy on lakes, rivers and streams. The use of water power ensures our electrical power supply and it is protecting the living environment for our future generation.

A method for winning energy out of water power is out of small power stations. These power stations are hydroelectric power plants with an output up to 10 MW. This plants use potential energy in flowing waters.

Intelligent control and regulation.

iwwat:Industrial EnergyControl is an enhancement of an intelligent software solution for control and regulation of small power plants. iswat:Industrial EnergyControl regulates, controls and monitors your small hydroelectric power plant with an output up to 2 MW – also through remote control.
All data will be recorded and logged fully automated.

Highest operational safty:

  • Regulate, control and monitor of turbine
  • Control and monitor of generator
  • Control of water level and residual water discharge
  • Control and monitoring of power plant use aggregates (hydraulic steel structures, screen cleaner, lubrication, ...)
  • Fully automatic documentation of operating dataRemote monitoring and control by means of all common technologies for data transmission
  • Image data acquisition and logging
  • Acoustic testing and alarm messages




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