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The iswat:Robocell developed by ISWAT GmbH is built up modular, so there are a lot of applications which can be used with. For example measurement tests, assemble- or sorting machines, production centres or in laboratories for example in medicine technique and analysis technique.

Additional components like measurement devices, test machines, assemble units, feeding systems, component magazines and many more can be joined and build up on the base cell.

The computer, inside the base cell and the rotatable Terminal joined to the multiple approved ISWAT GmbH - software products opens new areas of applications like optical tests with image processing systems, diverse evaluations and visualisation of measurement results, detailed machine effectiveness analyses, message evaluations, shiftcalendar and many more.

Operating example:
The iswat:Robot cells for the assembly of electronic magnets: The assembly- and measure machine for electronic magnets is a modular robot cell which assembles more components and tests attributes like calk force, force-displacement measuring and insulation resistance.

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