ISWAT detect the difference!

iswat:Brainstorm measurement card

Three different analogue inputs up to 20 Bit resolution and a RISK processing unit with integrated FPGA module and a signal processor offer the requirements for implementing of complex... read more >>

iswat:Nanoampere current measurement card

The measurement board has been developed for measuring small currents and charges (resolution 100 nano-amps). 15 channels can be... read more >>


The iswat:Robocell developed by ISWAT GmbH is built up modular, so there are a lot of applications which can be used with. For example measurement tests, assemble- or sorting machines, production centres or in laboratories for example in medicine technique and analysis technique.... read more >>


The iswat:Light-IO-Modul offers you 4 galvanic separated 24 VDC digital inputs, 4 galvanic separated positiv switching 24 VDC  digital outputs - it can be wired directly - no coupling relay required! Pulse Width Modulation of LED lighting modules, flash function, ... read more >>

iswat:Industrial EnergyControl

The power of water is a clean, emission-free and a kind of generating electricity. This kind of generating electricity makes it possible to ensure a distributed and effective production of energy on lakes, rivers and streams. The use of water power ensures our electrical power supply and it is protecting the living environment... read more >>


iswat:geneSys is a software framework developed by ISWAT GmbH and brings together all the essential tasks of automation technology within a single PC program... read more >>


iswat:AOI is a software framework for industrial image processing. Using iswat:AOI optical test sequences can be configured, tested and implemented. To configure test sequences as flexible as possible.... read more>>

iswat:Action detection measurement card

Interruption event detector for reliability testing of electronic components, solder joints and electrical connections.... read more >>