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Test attributes

  • Electric attributes are current, voltage, resistance, isolating resistance, frequency, amplitude characteristics, charge, performance, energy, capacity, inductivity, magnetic field strength etc. of electronic or electro-mechanic devices.

  • Mechanical attributes are density, pressure, force, displacement, torque, angle, strain, temperature and temperature charts, vibrational spectrum, flow, viscosity etc. of materials or electro mechanic and mechanic products.

> Example 1:
Voltage storage

Long term measurement test stands for stability tests of electronic components
The components are inside a furnace and they are flowed through with current. The power input is detected cyclic.



> Example 2: Piezo- actuator- longterm bench

The piezo actuator long term bench stand is able to handle constantly 1-2 Megabit measurement data per second. Per actuator 4 signals with 200.000 samples per second. It is providing a constant supervision of
measured quantity.n.