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What are long term test benches?

Pressure test benches, development test benches and creep test measuring stations to test the durability of products or materials, or the change in the parameters of products / materials in the course of a prolonged examination.

Depending on requirements, are recorded and documented electrical and / or mechanical characteristics of products using the endurance test bench. These benches are useful for all the products that are subject to wear or aging process in use. Frequently the tests are carried out in a temperature or climatic chamber.

The development of prototypes or test items of a sample from the production are subject to cyclical loads normally, while test results are recorded continuously to document the long-term behavior of the test items. For some products, the execution of documented long term test benches are approval by national or international standards is necessary




> Example 1:
Voltage storage

Long term measurement test stands for stability tests of electronic components
The components are inside a furnace and they are flowed through with current. The power input is detected cyclic.



> Example 2: Piezo- actuator- longterm bench

The piezo actuator long term bench stand is able to handle constantly 1-2 Megabit measurement data per second. Per actuator 4 signals with 200.000 samples per second. It is providing a constant supervision of
measured quantity.n.