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Mission Statement

  • We are costumer-oriented and constantly in contact with responsible persons.

  • We are flexible at making changes through our partners and customers.
  • We deliver on time and inform in good time.
  • We inform targeted and with the right level.
  • We are ready to criticism constructively at the right time and propose new solutions.
  • We use errors as personal learning opportunities and work on a continuous process of improvement.
  • We make written notes of all important processes.

  • We keep our promises.
  • We work with defined targets to make our vision reality.
  • To save our jobs, we convince through quality.
  • We are a part of the whole and seek cooperation with everyone.
  • We walk with our environment so we care about our work materials.

  • We see our suppliers as partner.

About us

ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automatisierung is a specialist in manufacturing machines and fixtures for
total inspection in industrial manufacturing.
To edit stages of production and build up
total production lines is possible too.


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ASAP2/SG Parser: A modern engine management consists of thousands of parameters. The resulting data are collected by means of software and managed in the CDM tool AVL CRETA, analyzed and partially changed. For AVL List ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automatisierung, have developed a parser , which is a function library for reading controller description of various automotive standards.

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Industriesoftware & Automatisierung

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