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Target agreement
  • We want to increase the cooperation between our regular customers and ourselves. In addition further industry leader should become our customers.

  • We want to increase our competences in test-automation.

  • Our core-competence is creating complete solutions, therefore complete test-automation and test benches from concept to start up and continuous support. This should be told strengthens to outside.

  • With our electronic developments for measurement and/or costumer specific product developments we made a good reputation at the market. To save and increase this fact, we want to make new electronic developments still. Especially in cooperation with Universities and higher institutes of applied sciences.

  • Satisfaction of our customers and partners is important to us. We want to keep the exchange of communication and improve the exchange of ideas amongst ourselves.
    If there is a worth protecting innovation, we want to check a possibility for patent protection or further commercialization.

  • We want to keep customer satisfaction through our engagement, entrepreneurship and through the quality of our services.

About us

ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automatisierung is a specialist in manufacturing machines and fixtures for
total inspection in industrial manufacturing.
To edit stages of production and build up
total production lines is possible too.


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ASAP2/SG Parser: A modern engine management consists of thousands of parameters. The resulting data are collected by means of software and managed in the CDM tool AVL CRETA, analyzed and partially changed. For AVL List ISWAT GmbH, Industriesoftware & Automatisierung, have developed a parser , which is a function library for reading controller description of various automotive standards.

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